Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Victory! Victory!

Nope... I haven't got my result. So, its not victory for passing with flying colours. But victory for solving this!

I got it. Alhamdulillah. This is the first time I got it. Thank you for all ure comments when I was frustrated doing it (y'all kept me going). Yeah, there's a vdio in you tube that i can recommend. Click here to view. Some of the videos re so fast that its kinda impossible to catch up. Especially when u're considered as beginners. Actually I got this Rubik's cube since I was in UK. For 50p. And the colours are'nt made of stickers, making it easier to maintain the beauty of the cube.

I got this more than 10 years, and now, I solved it. Pretty embarassing. Does it have to take that long? Well, I dont even bother playing with it (that shows why it's in the kitchen on top of microwave playing the role of ornament, not a toy or game or puzzle). Well, I dont know, rubik's cube is that popular and interesting. I dunt even realised adults play this game until I looked up in Anas's blog, where he wrote that he bought 4x4 cube, And last night, I just found out that this cube exists long time ago; 1974.

I asked my friend to buy me a rubik's cube with a manua (so, I can solve it)l. Then he suggested me to find the way to solve in internet. I was like, what! Frankly, I dunt think it's a good idea at that moment. Though I thought that way, I still try to get it in internet. And the instructions made me confused. I guess, I didnt go to the right channel, and at last I found a clear tutorial for this.

I slept at 3am doing this last night. And it was 70% solved. Then I misdoing it, and it all scrambled again. So, I scrambled it as much as I can twist and turn it (is that a way to express frustration?). Then, start it all over. Till I got it. I cant deny that there's a huge feeling of satisfaction when it's solved (especially when ure getting it for the first time).

Moral: Dont give up if u do something.

p/s: wondering about 4x4 cube. Or is that too much, for now??


Muhammad Anas bin Kamarudin said...

simply put... to solve the 4x4... you need to know how to solve the 3x3... you've accomplished that!

p/s: try beat my record for the 3x3... less than 1 minute.. ;P

Nadhirah Ahmad said...

im juz toddling to complete 3x3. and it tooks not less than 2 hours..

myb ure kind enough to teach me, to do that in seconds


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