Tuesday, June 2, 2009

A Day Out

Its time....  On wednesday (which wednsday im not dat certain), my friends and i went out. Together. Its been like some months we didnt meet as we're in different universities; UKM, UDM, UTM, UIA. 

( dop aci ak xdpt nk amik gmbr ni!
 xsapa ajat ak xpcially bila stdium" hancus")

Activities were
1) bowling
2) cooking
3) eating!

We bowl at the stadium (the one that 'suffered' today). Waited for nearly an hour (seriously boring) and i honestly thought we laughed and snapped a lot than rolling the ball. well, its once in a blue moon we went out like that. And we planned another on 9th June and 15th (but i may not be here in trg on 15th).

( bnyk ngt kamera pa xau nk tgk hop ne)

Next, we went to 'sesuatu tempat'. What we expect?? we're all curious. It turned out to be SMK Teknik Wkaaf Tembesu. My friend, aina want to drop stuff there. We're so glumpy (is that the correct word?).  Or frustrated is a better choice? We were expecting more than SMK Teknik. We're expecting a lake, or beach or wtv better than a school? U got me, aina!

Then went to buy chicken. For cooking. And we cooked nasi minyak, ayam korma, ayam masak merah, acar timun, puding jagung with air roselle. I was in charge for the rice. Its the first time for me to make nasi minyak.Turned up ok. The puding (wawa & aina) was nice. Infact, my tummy was so full, taht i felt like i couldnt even eat for the whole week (which is mustahil!).

(gmbr ini ilusi optik shj. 
kpla si pink kosong j msa tu. adop2 kuar idea pun)

We talked, cit cat and went home at 4pm. Had a nice time. Wish Izan's here..

To owner of this cafe': Stadium hancus, maka tergendala perniagaan ni, meh join AVAIL.


drchik said...

oh mu pn post jugk psl tu.lme dh t'tggu2..
kite kuar hr isnin la nad..:))
em dan lg ye promot avail tu..aish businessgirl ni..

Nadhirah Ahmad said...

ak bru amik pdrve ekpom. eh ak nk gmbr dr mu....

heheheh. mcmla tauke cafe te bce pom

drchik said...

ak bg time online same la neh.tu r,org lain sme dpt dh.mu amik nge ena pn xpe gk

Nadhirah Ahmad said...

ble ak nk jupe ena. kut ym r sng

eh.. mu dop ngjuk op ng ak sal hri ni

sarah said...

ngajuk gk posen..haha
biar la, x igt dh

durakhyar said...

bestnyer korang enjoy..kita tengah berjuang lagi..ho3..bila la agaknya nak dpt cuti ea??dah 4 bulan tak balik nie..

maa...nak balik..

Nadhirah Ahmad said...

oo. awk mtriks lagi op..tu plik xcuti.

bile hbis mtrik.

durakhyar said...

thn depan...bulan 3..x aci goh..sme member2 duk enjoy skrg..g sorang tercampak kat sini

izan said...

i also wish that im there..
(betul ke english aku?dh hancuss mcm stadium jgk dh aku rase)

g kat ane skrg?

Nadhirah Ahmad said...

g duk metrik uia ag. ye g dq kan sthun.

kamu pingin di sina sama kami ya?

endon aku pun koho teruk leni (bila lop ak pnda endon)

izan said...

mu nih,macam2..


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