Saturday, December 20, 2008

Just Because A Key

Just because a key? a key? dumped me in a big trouble. Uh. want to know why?

Well i just finished my first semester, and I juz realised I ended up in a huge lot of trouble! I didnt return my room key because i didnt take that as an important thing to do.

Then, just now, i opened the students' portal and there was this announcement:

Kesemua kunci bilik / apartment mesti diserahkan kepada petugas di pejabat asrama masing-masing. Denda RM20.00 akan dikenakan kepada pelajar yang gagal menyerahkan kunci bilik dan keputusan peperiksaan akan ditahan.

and i was like WHAT!! ITS COMPULSORY! i tot my fren told me she sent the key incase anybody want to use the hostels. so i was like "erm.. i guess its optional"

A guess, yet i was so confident with what im doing

My result is on 22nd. and ive got to send the room key on 21st! I dont want my results to be conseidered as "ditahan" or some sort.

And maybe i will lost rm20 as a fine.

prepare for the worst, nadhirah.

moral of the story:
1- alert for thngs around u.
2- stop guessing!
3- dun juz take things for granted n do be serious
4- check the portal ALWAYS! (make it like fster)
5- don rely on others!

so, i learnt my lesson. wont repeat it again. infact, i XTREMELY learnt my lesson. i dun like putting myself in this sort of trouble. this is not school anymore where i cn juz sort things so easily.

help! im shaking all over. Arrrrrrrrr!!

p/s: this post is very emotional. some parts may be not suitable for u. lol


Anonymous said...

tu la lenkali...dont take light on the light matter...huhuhu

Nadhirah Ahmad said...

huhu. i learnt my lesson. Arrrrr!!!!!!!!!!!!

izan said...

kesian mu nadhirah.. pikir positif..
mane tau,tuhan nk kurang kan dose mu ke?
[ade kaetan ke?huhuh]

Nadhirah Ahmad said...

kaetan k. hu3. yg pnting ak g ato kuci. haha

izan said...

dah tau result?

Nadhirah Ahmad said...

dh. hu2. mu xpyh tnyr brpa.ak busan dh ng soklan tu. asal kbo result kuo, msti tny brpa. tak de ke soklan len, tnya ak mkn k doh k. nk bju bru k x k.. hurmm

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