Saturday, December 27, 2008

A New Br0ther

This is a boy, named Azariel Akasha. Was born on 5th Dec 2001 in Subang Jaya Medical Centre. He was cute. Was?? Yeah. His cute DNA begin to fade (he3). "Is dat ure wee brother? ".Thats what people always ask me. He is my cousin. The closest cousin but can be considered as brother too. Well, he calls my mum, umi (like me) and I always take care of him since he was like a year old, till now. So, being with him, I really felt like a big sister because I need to protect him and do normal stuff that big sisters do.

My friends always say we look alike and his dady's frens used to say that. But, i duno which part is that. But I cant deny that our characteristics are so much similar. And both are the only child in our family. So, we feel better when we are together, because we have someone to play with and accompany to do something. And his mum always say to me and him 'like cousin like cousin lah u bdua ni".

He's still small, primary 1 this year, but very talkative, creative, cheeky, quick grasper but bit lazy, good in listening, pretending, and many more.

Whether he is my cousin or my brother.It doesnt matter. I like having him as both. As long as we both love and care each other as a family. Thats the most important element in life. Love!


Auni Najwa said...

he's defenitely cute!

kusu said...


izan said...

lame xjumpe ariel~
comel nye quote aunty mu tuh:
"like cousin like cousin"
die xde ure2 nk dapat adik baru ke??
heheh..soalan cepuCEmas

Nadhirah Ahmad said...

die je cute? adop org nk kate ambe cute ke. hahaha

dop ahu gop. adop ure2 ag.

Anonymous said...

kiut tu mende gane?

Nadhirah Ahmad said...

"kiut" itu adlh "cute"

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