Wednesday, December 24, 2008

How it Turned Out?

Assalamualaikum and good evening.

Well, im going to tell you what happened these few days. Bout the 'key' thingy, i said earlier to expect the worst, but it all turned up pretty good. Thanks to Allah. My mum is away to P.D for seminar and its me with my dad at home. So, on 21st afternoon, I told my dad during lunch dat I will be going out to send the key. And he went like, "its okay, I will send it for you". Good Lord! He just knew it that im anxious (is dat the rite word?) to send the key because Im not good in making troubles and Im very lazy to go out, once im at home. Its not that im a "katak bwh tempurung" or anything. Its just that I don like to go out alone. Its better to be with your parents when you're out there. World is becoming a creepy place, u know. Bout the key again, at nite, i asked my dad bout the key. He said he'd sent it and didnt need to pay any fine or anything. Thanks Dad, for saving the day.

Next, results for this sem' s out. Hola hola! Thanks and praise to Allah again. I thank you all too for ure doa. My result was okay ( I guess), but I still think that I could get better than that. Because I didnt study hard enough, and during 2 exams, I spend my time yg sptutnya for answering questions, for sleeping! How could I? I was so sleepy. thats the reason. I need to reconsider my bedtime. (act, I mmg dh habit I sleep masa exam sjk zmn sklh pun)Huh. And for 1 paper, I was carried away playing with my stationary during exams. I just cant focus on one thing for a long time. I need to have more focus. Some says that playing golf helps.. Or what else can i do?

Today, I went out for lunch (3pm can be considered as luch, heh?) with my 2 pals. Long-lasted pals. Its been a long time we didnt meet so we spend like 3hours together. We had lunch and went to Masjid Kristal. A very nice place to visit.. But, sad thing, the river bit polluted with rubbish. Still nice place though.

morals of story:
-when u prepare for the worst, its much better because when things come up good, u will be like so happy!! like me td la. n u wont be dat frstrated if things goes bad because u already expect it
- be a gud child bcoz parents will love and easily help u when needed
-dont sleep during exams
- more focus
- friendship is an important element in life!


Muhammad Anas bin Kamarudin said...

if i get sleepy.. (lecture/exam/whateva)i sit up straight... take in the deepest breath that i can.. hold it.. let all the sleepiness and 'pening2 lalat' diffuse into that breath... and then i let it all out.. repeat till satisfied..

and guess what... it works...

Nadhirah Ahmad said...

really? thank you. i will try dat. cant wait.

exam snyp sgt. encourage me to sleep...hu3.

tahnks anas. im looking 4wad 4 experimenting

izan said...

mu kluar ng sape??
xde bgtau aku pun.

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