Friday, November 14, 2008

Semester 1 is Over

Assalamualaikum and morning to everybody. Woah. Its been a long time i didnt post something here as i found myself stucked in final. Thanks to Allah, its all over. Just finished my exams yesterday.

How was it? hurm. That made me think for a while. I was very worried about reading and communicaton. The question was like trying to blow me up besides the drowsyness i suffered. Seriously, i rather have my final's in the evening than at 9am. I cant help falling asleep and dreaming where i should spend my time answeringthe questions.

I dont know who to blame in this matter. I already sleep early, that's for sure. So, how can i cope with the sleeping-during-morning-exam-syndrome? I knew that ive plenty of doc-to-be friends. Need some help here!!

Then, after finishing a semester, then i began to wonder, what will i do during the holidays? hurm. Well, im on my way finishing reading Harry Potter. I got that book ages ago, but not enough time to read. And I have 2 other books about Aisya and another one bout Genie plus Devil. Huh. I already read half of those two books, but somehow I began to think that i need to start all over again as im forgetting the pages ive read.

Im thinking of doing tutoring for some kids during my hols? hurm. Anybody want to send their kids to me for tutor?? Just like the picture, but dont worry, I wont be moaning like that woman. Im pretty much a cheerful one! so, name please and number. Only for primary school, yeah.

That's all.


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