Friday, October 17, 2008

Report on Syawal

Sebulan puase barulah raya,
Sambutlah dgn berpada-pada,
Drive baik2 sayangilah jiwa,
Agar tiada yang berduka.

Pantun ditaip pembuka bicara,
Dalam post tentang hari raya.

Actually its been a long time I want to post something about Eid. But, I got lots of tests and assignments which are done by now, thanks to Allah. So, I just managed to sign up to post something. I hardly remember what I want to write because Im having this forgetting-syndrome and it's hard for me to recall what had happened on the 1st Syawal.

Eid is on the 1st October which is 1 month to go to my birthday. Lol. There's nothing much I did except visiting my relatives and grandma's grave. Met some of my cousins that I have'nt meet for some time, and eat a lot. Lots of dishes but never touched "kuih raye". Dont know why. Doesnt seem to be interesting enough to eat, i guess? And when everybody is busy with happy stuffs, my dad became a mechanic on that day. Our car, had a puncture and dad need to fix it. Lucky it didnt happen on the road.

And then, on the 3rd day of eid, I invited relatives and many of my parent's friends came. But we didnt do grand stuffs like the years before. Just a small one, but enough to make me tired out. Nevermind, once a year only, rite.

4th day of Eid, my friend married her beloved person. Of course it must be beloved, or else she wont end up marrying that guy. She is my first friend who got married and im pretty excited about it. I went to her house bit late in the evening due to serious traffic problems. She's 20 and her husband 28. Hope your love will never last and always blossoms everyday and night. Do have cute babies, heh. lol

On wednesday, 15th Oct, I invited my BEN's friends to come to my house. Well, its the first time I ask boys to come to my house personally. That's a record! The dishes are Nasi Ayam Seri which looks like nasi beriyani and friend noodles with puddings. But most of my friends didnt taste the pudding because when they came, the pudding is still in watery mode. There was one guy who took pictures of my house everywhere, including when our gardener is cleaning the fish pool. Hurm.....

This is also some captions during the jmuan at my house. Some look really great but, Im not there in da pics. So, dont bother ureself guessing which
one is me.

This is also pictures of my freinds and the right caption is also my classmate with our lecturer which used to be my mum's lecturer. Small world!

Eid also filled with tests, which are Arabic and Intro to Language and Linguistics (Intro L&L). Thanks to Allah, I just got my marks for Arabic and pretty much satisfied with it. And on Sunday, most probably I will get my marks for Intro L&L. Fingers cross for christians. and Hands up for me (doa).

My finals started on 8th of November and my butterflies sometimes begin to breed in my stomachs making me sick and giddy. But, that wont do, if I just sit doing nothing. Need to get up and study. Aja Aja Fighting! But, my studying mood is not here. Uhh. Help me. Last minute study wont come up with good results, Nadhirah... Help, give my mood back!!

Not to forget, our faculty also made a jamuan raya. The meals are ok, but i was thirsty that time, so i want lots and lots of drinks. Too bad i was forced to left early as I need to settle some problems. Good thing I have the time to eat nasi minyak. No one got married, heh. On the same day, I met with my lecturer, Dr Ee and told me that I did well in Intro L&L test. I was like so surprise because all I did was guessing when I answered the test. How far is the well marks, hurm... I dont know. But taught me a lesson, luck dont always be on my side always. Study2! Cant rely on luck always.

There are pictures that I managed to put in. Pictures worth a thousand words....


izan said...

gmbo kawan mu kawen tu x jelas laa..
die macam kak naza mcroh je..
suami die keje nape??

Nadhirah Ahmad said...

kwn aku come dop makeup. laki ye kje npe au. dop interbiu ag r. mu knl k. duk kole brg

izzati.abdullah said...

sape kawen tu??budak tok jiring ke??

Nadhirah Ahmad said...

i don think she is a former stdnt of smkatj.

izan said...

dok kenal..huhuh..

Norhafiezul said...

wah2! bkn main meriah ag kt rmh ye, eh! sape pgantin prmpuan 2 cm knal je. smat gop laki ye.

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