Thursday, September 11, 2008

Why Rich-Small Family, Poor-Big Family?

In Islam we believe that when someone pass away, the usefull things are having pious, good children that always pray for their parent's peace, knowledge that had been thought to others (an advntage if ure a teacher), and the money that had been used to spend on welfare.

As I trod on a step after another, I began to realised the patterns of life. For example, those who have lots of children usually comes from a family who is not financially stable. On the other hand, those billionaires, millionaires have few children, at an average less than 3 children in a family. These rich family actually do want children. Infact, some are willing to spent their money on high technology treatment such as IVF just for the sake to get their own child. There are those who succeed and there are also those who do not get the luck yet. To me, children give happiness to a family. Brighten the dullness of the world.

Then, I began to wonder. Yeah, Allah is fair. He knows everything. My point is, things happen have its reason.

For the rich, they can donate their money and do good deeds like building a mosque, donating for the renovations of a school, give money to the orphanage etc. For example, if I donate some money to build a mosque, I will continuously get the reward or merit (pahala in Malay) eventhough I already pass away. Although we died, we can still get "pahala".

And for those who have lots of children but not enough money to donate, they have children that they can rely on. In Islam, we believe that a baby is like a piece of white sheet, with no sins and its up to the parents to make their children turn into what kind of person; good or bad. After the parents pass away, prayers of good, pious children who pray for the best for their parents, will give the parents blessings.

The third thing that we can get "pahala" although we had passed away, is knowldege that we teach the others. Everybody have knowledge and now, try to share it to everybody.

Now, its clear why patterns of the world are in such way. There are explainations that lay behind these patterns. But sometimes we dont know.

Islam is wonderful, there are lots of rules in Islam that can be explained logically and scienctifically. Rules in Islam is not for nothing. There are reasons that lay under it.


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