Sunday, September 28, 2008

Technology Surely Made the World Smaller

In reality, i began to agree that tech made the world smaller. You can reach Washington in hours by plane. And made video calls to ure best friend that u longly miss in another country. Make tech is an advantage in everyday life. By the title, im going to comment wee bit on internet made the world a better place to be, yet don be so keduniaan, keep it in mind.

I dun tink i wrote bout this already, but its the net that made me keep in touch again with my long lost friends. Especially those who used to b my kiddy frens where that time i never thought bout swapping addresses and such, and began regretting it later when the missing-hormone increase.

It all started when i found Nadhrah through friendster. I was trying my luck and testing my level of patience as i went through the profiles in friendster. What do u xpect? but, luckily, not dat many Nadhrah in friendster, i mean not as many as Nadhirah. Thank God! And she put her photo in, made me recognized her well. Physically, her face just like i used to noe. Recognize-able. Then i'll have to think what kind of product she used to be so awet muda. lol.

Then, it began to expand from there, we managed to track Nisa, and next, Frances. That was like when Im 17? or 16? uhh, im getting older. tend to forget things now, but dont think this is one of the symptoms of schizophernia! For quite some time, using Bebo, found Della,
Najwa (did i found u from friendster or bebo??.. getting mixed up here), Michael King, Lesley, Deborah.

What did i feel when i managed to track them back? Excited is on top, of course. Most of my friends changed a lot. Some used to be single, but not anymore. Some used to be so childish earlier but now, so mature looking with all the optic illusion (make up). 75% of their appearence changed a lot. Infact, like me la!

This morning i found another one; Anas. I was viewing Najwa's blog and saw a comment there. My finger went to click on the comment which was from Anas, and never xpect any surprise. Then, viewed his blog, and guess what? Hey, I noe him!! Wow. Ure totally did a lot of growing. Its because of the pics of his family, made me reognize him. If not, i will b like just pandang sblh mata. I'll say 80% evolution. Its been like 7 years I left Glasgow, so evolution is more appropiate than revolution. 7 years is quite some time. Najwa, who elso do u managed to track?

Now, I began to wonder, who will i find next through the internet? hurm.. Life is juz full of mystery. U don noe what will happen tomorrow, even 1 second after now, u don noe what wil happen. A bomb wil xplode or shipwreck or anything...

Im going to comment a bit from what ive read in Najwa's blog. Where she found other people's blog, written bout political issues. Social and economical issues. Religious issues. Global problems and all that. And her blog was mainly bout her life n juz dat. Well, to me, the personal posts tend to attract me more to read. I go for internet to relax my mind. I do suffer enough tension reading academic books, journals and reports. So, for a light reading (im not Hermione, and I really do mean LIGHT reading), i will go for blogs. Personal posts made me realise every person have their own lifestyle. And i get to noe diffrnt cultures n suchs juz by sitting on a spot in my houe ith this techncl device on my laps or table. So juz cntinue what u always write.

I also realise the same thing. Most of my posts here in blog, were all bout me. Am i too selfish or what? hey! this is a freedom country. Have da right to choose what we want to do. So, Im going to write what I enjoy n like. But other issues can b upload too. Varieties colours life, isnt it. So, Najwa, dont worry. The thought dat ure selfish dont even come up in my mind. Blog is like a diary to me. A pen with a thck diary dont look dat attrctive nowdays xpcially when we have smthing way2 more intrsting to use in xchange and we can just put any colour we want n pics, emoticons and all.

We can choose what we want to be, and what we want to do, as long we dont go beyond the rules in Islam


najwa said...

wow whatta long post.
so here goes a long comment.

Hey Anas was on my friendster friends all the time and I forgot to tell you! sorry. Wow, you know each other! Hm, who else? that's the only Malaysian Glaswegian I found. Our Royston Primary mates has changed, I think it would be abit awkward meeting them again.
lol. Do you see the chain of Malaysians n Indonesians in Glasgow. After one has left, someone else comes. Haha. Nadrah-You-Nisa-Me-Della. Frances was close to us. Btw when I came Nadrah has just left.
I love you people

Actually I'm searching for my friends from Bilingual Support Unit. But they're all over the world, hard to find.

najwa said...

Yea we aren't selfish bloggers. Blog sendiri, suke hati lah. Kan?

Nadhirah Ahmad said...

So, u got to noe him when he's in Glasgow? I tot he went back before u reach Gllsgow. I guess ure rite. pretty awkward when meeting those royston primary friends now, xpcially coz their sosial life differs.

Biliingual support.. hu3. i only rmbr a few, but i don c my future founding them on the net.i just noe their first name. amal, harith, sarah. dats it. no 2nd or last name. hu3

yeap. sure is. penat2 sign up to make a blog, jd suke atilah nk tuls pape.

altimukmin said...

if i have a blog,i wont be talking much about myself..haha
i've learned a lot when i got involve with some strategy in siasah..
other people can just easily know about us from our writings,blog,or just frenster..
anyway,blog sendiri, suke hati lah. Kan?

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