Saturday, September 6, 2008

Entitled as a Teacher

Assalamualaikum and good evening to the readers of my blog (hope i do have). Lol. Today im going to jot bout an experience that never even cross my mind before. Being called as a teacher. Today, Saturday, 6th of September, my 12 friends and I went to SESMA which is Sekolah Sains Sultan Mahmud. It was meant to be more like facilitator, but turned out that their school teacher introduced us to the students as a teacher. Whot?! A teacher?! Huh. I was like surprised and prayed that i'll survive till noon (the class finished at noon).

It was a 4-hour class and started at 8. My class was 1 AB stands for Aminuddin Baki. 27 students but 2 absent which wasa boy and a girl (nice couple). Lol. To make the class intersnting there're 4 activities. Games and such. I tried my best to make the class as fun as possible.

The students were okay. Some quiet, naughty, cheeky, cute. There was a boy who threw up. Luckily my friend, passed by and he told the monitor to get some sand to cover up the 'liquid'. Hey. It wasnt because of my class that the boy puke. He wasnt well from the beginning. Pity him. Well, he went back to his room to take a rest. Get well soon, dear...

It was a bit awkward when those students called me teacher! but im getting used to it. A teacher at the age of 18. Lol. Teaching secondary school. Cool and it was fun teaching those students.

I will be teaching till October. Only on Saturday. Still have lectures and tutors as usual, not to mention bunches of assignments. I hope I do have more ideas bout the actvities that Im going to do for them. Now I know, teaching also kind of fun. But, nahhh... A teacher is still not my ambition though I enjoy it. But a teacher for my kids is for sure!! Lol.

surely im not this type of teacher


Anonymous said...

salam..bagus r awok buat article dlm bi..bulih gok amber blajor sket2..huuuuuuuu
amber dok tahu r..jadi benok skit kalu nge inglish ni..

nad said...

owh. thanx. in dat case, i juz cntinue using english. sy pum xla pndai sgr bi. ayt simple2 j sy gune. sme2 improve

sape anonymous ni?

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