Thursday, August 21, 2008

Who are Your Bestfriends?

Actually Im not sure why im writing this post and not certain why the title need to be that way. My fingers dying to dance on the keyboard though ive one assignment that i havent touch, which is on history of english. actually, i dunno what topic im going to do my research on. I came up with Edward the Confessor earlier but then its hard to find info of that old man. Lack of info, means less quality my assignment will be. Any suggestions for possible topics? hurm

Last week, the girls in my class made a gathering. Girls only! pretty intrsting tough. and i knew a lot of stuffs (stuffs??) bout my classmates. And people often asked others what kind of people we do n dislike in our life? Well, there're those who r more like me and some differ. Well, we're diffrent from our looks so, not a surprise if our like and dis r also different.

Now, Im going to answer the question that my classmate asked me. What kind of people that i can mix with. Hurm. Let me fank with these. I think im kind of 'global' person. Huh. Being an only child helped and still do help me to go and mix with lots of different people. I cant rely on siblings. So, my friends play a role in me.

Why i said im 'global'? Maybe now ure tinking im perasan but judge me after reading this (ure free to do so after dis). Ive Scottish friend as my bestfriend, Indonesian, Malays (of course), Nigerian and Chinese. They're from diffrent background and of course religion too.

My classmates and friends are from rich and poor, broken and unbr0ken family, light and coloured skin, boy and girl and more different characteristics. I enjoy having them as my friends. U learn how to mix with different people and learn to respect them especially for their beliefs and cultures. I learn dffrent languages too by having Amal from Saudi Arabia, Cheng Ying whose chinese, Reka from Hungary and a lot about hadiths and vocabulary (english vocab) from my intelligent friend, Basit who is from Nigeria.

I don get why people hate each other who is different from them. In Africa for instant, there're still discrimination to the coloured people and the whites often get most things there. That isnt fair isnt it. Even identical twins are still different in their characteristics and fingerprints. So, being different from what you are is a big deal?? Like in the picture on top, even cats and dogs can be friends. So, they shuld consider the phrase 'raining cat and dogs' now (i think)...

Come on, we're civilized now. Think and open up your mind. Nothing wrong for a Malay to be friends with Indian nor Chinese and nothing wrong for a Muslim to be friends with Christians and other believers. Even Muhammad our prophet are kind towards others who in other religion, as long as they dont betray or harm us where we call them 'kafir zimmi'.

So, anyone who wants to be my friend, u welcome to do so. It's nice to have a wide cirlce of friends and my answer for my classmate question, I like everybody and everybody can be my friend and anyone can be my bestfriend as long friendship is the main thing.


najwa said...

Did you ever go to bilingual Suport Unit, Dowanhill, Glasgow?

Kids of diff colours, backgrounds, religions and races mix together without a thought on discrimination.

Discrimination is taught. That's why people grow up being racists.

nad said...

of course. most people go there i tink. its a nice place. get to noe evrybody. but that time we're kiddy.. never know bout dscrmnation dat moment. easy to get along with anybody. no first jdgment. but, now ive seen tonnes of it! perghh.. wot a world

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