Tuesday, August 19, 2008

What is Like to be an Only Child

Well, what im going to write is totally according to my experiences because many of us wonder bout it. Probably you can guess what im going to jot about by reading the title.

Maybe still there're those who dont know that Im the pearl of my family. Is pearl the proper word to say? hurm. Let me be frank, I may b a bit cheeky at times but still my parents love me. Then, pearl is da correct word, something that people love and like. But Im not being a 'perasan' girl because I know there're maybe those who dun like me. That's what a world is all about

What i felt and feel being the only child. There are advantages and dis but although the advntages may be more than cons, still i dont prefer being the only one. I do realy n totally fancy hving a wee brother. Cute2 one.

Back to what i was talking about, first feeling is boring. No one to accompany me at home, to play with, to share happy and sad moments. Yes, I do have friends and parents but yet still differnt from hving a sibling. Maybe I dont feel this feeling dat much now, but i badly suffer it when i was in my childhood age where i want someone to play with me and swimming in the pool with because my fave activity was swimming. Was...
Good thing Im the one that my parents deadly love. And Im very close to my parents. Hugs and kisses is not a big deal to get though im turning to be young adults but still I enjoy being the one who they only love.

On the other hand, sometimes its not dat nice because Im the only one they rely on. Rely on good education, work, behaviour, everything! That's not a surprise because I'll be the one they rely on to take care of them too in the future. So, its really bad if i let them down.
I dont know what else i feel bout being an only child. Dis r the feelings taht come up in my mind now. But, still do hope someone give me a wee bro!! I badly want one. juz one. not more. huhuh


Anonymous said...

hope u'll b granted a lil bro


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