Saturday, August 9, 2008

Difference between God and Allah

We often think that God and Allah just refer to the same thing. I mean its no difference whether we say we love God or we love Allah. But actually, it does.

Well, when a man says he love God and another man says he loves Allah. Automatically, we are sure that the second man is a muslim and the first man may be a muslim too but still there is a possibility that the first man believe in another religion because other religion also have their own God. For example, Hindu worship Brahma.

But then there still those who say that we differentiate our God, Allah with other religion's god by writing it in a capital letter. But still, there's still a bit of doubt that it may refer to other religion's God.

So, a muslim an in Islam we have Allah. Allah is our God. The only God we worship. And when we say we love Allah that totally means the only God that muslim's worship.

Therefore, I hope we try to write and say Allah rather than just saying God.


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