Thursday, August 14, 2008

Report About This Week

There are lots of things going on these few days but i dont feel like typing it as ive lots of things to do. Im having mid-semester break but with bundles of work. Academic paper, assignments all waiting fo me but im not going to bother myself with it now. Tomorrow i'll start doing it. I think..

Why giving us a holiday if still burden us with these work. I always wonder about that. On wednesday, i had my first test for this semester. Although ive read through the books and notes more than twice, the test was pretty hard and breaking my neck. Tension was really rising up in my body when i answered the test expecially for Intro Language Lingusitics. Scale 1-5 on how tough is Arabic is 3 and for Intro Language Lingusitics is 5! Why im putting it 5? Phonetics was making me dizzy because i was confused and still am confuse with the vowels sounds. I better work with those during this week. I couldnt afford any more time to put up with this confusing hormones in my brain.

I hope i still manage to get good marks for that test because it is really important for my CGPA. Im deadly worried and my lecturer noticed that i was stressed bout this as she told me, hey Nadhirah. Dont be so stress on this. But still, i just still feel the same until today.

One more thing that is im wondering what can we do to help our class with academic? any suggestions?


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