Saturday, August 30, 2008

Places I want to Go Most

Everybody must have a dream place dat they badly n realy3 want to go. For instance, muslims usually dream to go to the beautiful holy place, Makkah. And my friends in Glasgow love sunny countries like Malaysia. Same with my janitor, used to be in Penang. A janitor but still afford to go holiday across the seas. Don think it happen in Malaysia. But in Glasgow, not a big deal. hurm. Talking bout my jany (janitor), i do mis him. I like him. I mean when during playtime, he always talk to us and never give us a tell off for bouncing on the fence as if it was a trampoline. His name is Mr Will i think. Full name probably Mr William. Sorry, i dun have his picture. But ure pic is surely stored in my mind. Dun wory Jany!!

Look how fancy hartford is

Well, back to wht i was tlking about. What is ure dream place? Where would u like to spend ure hols? Let me think.. I think I badly want to go to USA. Miss dat place so much and I want to got there again as a grown up. USA is fun, u know. lots2 of place to pay a visit and take a look at. I dun remember much as i was not dat big when I were there. And I want to see how is US now. Well, its my country, apart from Malaysia. Of course I want to know the place that I was born. US isnt the same like when i was 2.

entrance of Royston Primary School. May look ancient from outside, but so cool when u go in

Then, I also want to go back to Glasgow. But, not alone. with my frens, Nadhrah, Nisa, Della, Najwa to meet Royston and Frances. Will b so cool if we gave her a surprise, aint it? We do plan to go tgether one day, but when dat time will come, I dunno. Miss u buddies!!

can u tell which one is fake n which is real. Enjoy those in Mdme Tussauds

US, Glasgow and next is London. My mumdad was sick bout London, but still I love that place. Fave place is Madamme Tussauds. Fantstic place to visit. The food there r so xpnsive. Like for 3members in my fmily having lunch, nearly cost RM100 (maybe dats why my dad dun like london). Anyway, London is he place where I got lost when I went there in form3. Was so panicked dat time. But turn out okay at the end. I so love happy ending!!

Middle east countries? erm. I dunno why im not dat intrsted. Maybe because of dust and sun. Egypt is ok to visit (Juz found out dat I Lost the pics in Egypt. Uwa!!) Jordan, Im not sure. Havent been there. For middle east, Turkey is an intrsting place. And of course Makkah and Madinah. The most wonderful place on earth. But not a shopping place. A place to worship and a place to have peace. And a place to see nice buildings.

How bout the South part of the Earth. Hurm. New Zealand kinda nice place. But still NZ isnt on top.

If someone grant my wishes, im so thankful and delighted. But, my mumydady is sick of the places dat I want to go excpt Arab Saudi. I dunno how I can go to my dream places? So sad........

However these r the dream places on earth that people want to go. Don frget paradise is the best place. Much better than Hongkong Disnyland and any cool plces here on planet.

p/s: why im writing this post? miss my kiddy frens in Glasgow and there's my fren who went to US. Made me miss Hartford so much. And my kiddy fwen, Nadhrah probably going to meet Nisa in Indon. So jealous. Dats y im tinking of us 4 going to Glsgow again. I know ure all dying to go bck there!!


najwa said...

Janyyy. Ur talking about the nice guy with white hair ke?
*blurred images in mind*

Oh we had a new one after you left. Still, a nice guy too.

nad said...

im not sure. but when i was there. there're 2 jany. i like the first one. the replacemnt one, kind of not dat frendly

Goddess of Harmony said...

oh yea i rember him lol!!

cool!! just tell me when the plans ready ill be there!! lol..
miss ya too

nad said...

juz wait till we're old enough to go there with our own money and without beind under adult supervision.. wonder when dat wil be.........

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