Friday, August 29, 2008

New Experiences in Biro Tata Negara

Assalamualaikum w.b.t

Im going to write a bit bout BTN programme that stands for Biro Tata Negara. It's compulsory for an undrgdruate to attend this programme at least once. I went for it on Sun, 24 Aug till 26 in Kem Desa Mahmood, Pasir Mas.

At first i was like moaning as i dun feel like going. Its more on physical actvties programme and i hate if there will b jungletrekking. I only jungle trek once in my life n dat was when im in form 5. Its not dat I dun like tough chllnging actvties. I do so love dat. Actually, I dun fancy trekking bcause i think the safety is not dat tight. I mean, what if I fell down, and break my radius, or much worst, femur. There aint any rope to tie me to make sure I wont fall. Bungee Jump for instance, or Flying Fox have some sort of rope and cable as safety equipment. Thats why I like those actvties. I love jumping from high spot, and any actvties dat have to do with height. But, still sumtime I feel giddy if looking down from a 50stories building (although it's alredy built, people still call it building. huh). Overall, I love heights. Adventurous

Back to BTN programme, I love it as I got new experiences. There was only one talk on politics and my mind was a bit confused. Never mind. Well, before I went to BTN, I heard negative n positive comments bout it. For example, intermingle btw boys and girls.

Now, after attending, I think its not bad after all. Enjoyable. Have new friends and do new things. Like walking on a rope across a swamp (big, smelly one) and swinging across it and dats how i knew dat im not born to live with tarzan. Im bad with swinging. Totally!

In this programme, I knew what's the feeling when someone juz called u all of sudden to speak in the front. Oh my God! I was like shocked. I was called to share my opinions and ideas. Well, I do walk up to the front. But I dont know what r the words that came out from my mouth. I was so tribble dat time but new exprience. Now, I hope i dun screw myself up next time.

Intermingle btween boys n girls? hurm. Actually, in any programme, that can happen. It all depends on the participants and more specifically, depends on the individual. If you want to mix, u can. But as a muslim, we have our guide lines, so dont go beyond dat.

For those who dun know cmne pumping? you will be doing that. Girls pun kene pumping. And i got several bruises for that on my knee. Knee?? well, girls punye pumping dfrrent than boys. Though i got some bruises and lump here and there, I do enjoy dat. If not because of BTN, I wont b having those.

BTN is fun and enjoyable. Dont be afraid to go. Learn new things and get new friends. But not to forget, maybe some of us, will suffer painfull moments 3-4 days after the programme. Due to muscle pain n such. Moral is, always exercise....................


k-riey said...

yang xbest sbab kene brainwash.
pro krajaan.. hehehe

nad said...

ala. stkt satu mlm je ceramah gitu. hop len seme aktvti ldk n lasak

izanbazlina said...

ok la tu mu 3 ari..haha.
aku kene 5 ari..btol ckp krie..
kene brainwash,pro krajaan..
juru latih sume dh pangkat2 datuk..diorg sume mmg sempat idup b4 merdeka..sbb tu diorg jd fasi cm berkesan je..ade feeling sket.. faci mu mude ke tue??aku ceramah tu 2 hari..bosan,lg 3 hari ldk..time ldk tu la best sket..
tp aku sokong mu,btn best..jgn takut klu sape2 yg kene g btn tu..
maju la sukan untuk negare!!

HafizAdam said...

sehari je?
isk3 kitorang pegi 3 hari, 3-3 hari kne brainwash, hampeh tol..
yg best, lawan balik..
haha blacklist terus..

nad said...

bdk ex-tj: nop tau sape antare fasi time aku BTN. Ustaz Lah. PK1 kite dulu. hu3. tak sangke.

izan: faci ad hop mude. tua ad. dop interbiu umo. tp overal 40-60 r umo. pe kaitan sukan ng BTN? kne sukan okmo spya xskit badan mse aktvti?

kpd hafiadam: awk lawan k. bio jela. ye bg mknan bes2, aktvti ldk bes2 ekpom. jd layannnnnnnn

nad said...

aku ye wat kejap je. sbb xmo miss kuliah bnyk2

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