Friday, August 8, 2008

Bachelor of English Students

Now, I introduce you my class, who are now studing in Bachelor of English. Im the one in that maroon scarf and with glasses (hope you can tell). The coat looks good, but only i know the actual condition.. thank God that i need to be in it for only like 15minutes. However, i like this picture (click on the picture for a better view). My first picture of my class and hoping for more!


HafizAdam said...

len kali sebut laa "baris kedua, 4 dari kanan"..
senang nak cari..


tp sonok leh bgambar reramai cmnie..
dgn kapasiti 100 manusia batch tahun dua, tak mungkin leh wat cmnie..

nad said...

olo.. finding nemo ket. kena ada usaha skit nk cari sy lam gmbr tu. dohleh suap2 je ilmu. hehehhe

ala. awak begambog ng dak melayu yang sekelas pun dah mantap. kurang2 xamik gmbr sorang2

najwa said...

wow lookin good.

btw my mum says u look different

nad said...

dffrent?? dffrent in wat way? is it bcoz i wear glsses?

amin said...

stuju ngn mum najwa..
mmg len la skang..
cri mule2 mmg xjumpe..
lme2 mnatap bru jumpe last2..
2 pun ragu2 btul k x..
no offence but you looks like you have grown some weight..
but you look good..marvellous..

nad said...

well, of course i do suffer the increasing of weight syndrom but its really normal for a girl who is growing up. but not much.only a kilo since i was in spm. but somehow my face is chubbier. i don noe noe why fats like that place!! huh

amin said...

the chubbier the better...
well.xsalah pun chubby..
im chubbier than you of course..
well im better..

apakah kaitan mningkatnya umur ngn weight??

nad said...

kaitan? kadar terus. umur 7taun besenye akan lebih ringan dr kanak2 umur 12 tahun. sy umur 18 lbh ringan dr mum yg umur 30an

chubby juz come utk baby. sdp cubit pipi. baby kurus xlawo

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